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Arianne aan het werk

Arianne Moerman

Arianne Moerman is born in Papendrecht, The Netherlands, in 1974. She first studies fashion design, starts her own business in 1995 and specialises herself in making tailormade weddingdresses and luxury partyclothing. In her spare moments she also loves being engaged in photography, drawing, painting and creating sculptures in clay.

Love for expression

Meanwhile she also starts a study notary law and for many years she combines her creative work with parttime working at the office. In these years she meets a sculptor from Rotterdam. He teaches her how to work in stone and love for this form of expression is born. She encounters for example the work of the late English sculptor Eric Gill and loves the stylized forms in his sculptures.

Arianne werkplaats
Arianne aan het werk

The summer of 2014

In the summer of 2014 Arianne travels to Pietrasanta, Italy, to discover more about working with marble and to develop her sculptural skills. There she meets many artists who inspire her to keep on going with her artistic work.

She decides to focus further on sculpting, mainly in stone, but also in clay and wax for bronze statue.



She gets inspired by famous or less well known historical and contemporary artists and, of course, by the daily life around her. She considers it a privilege to study the fascinating world of art by observing, discovering, combining and creating. Her style can be described as figurative-realistic, subdued, dreamy and thoughtful, with a great sense of lines that creates a peaceful atmosphere.

Voor foto\’s van recent werk en lopende projecten kunt u Facebook, Instagram en Pinterest raadplegen. Haar werk kan ook gevonden worden in privécollecties en in kunstgalerieën.

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